Monday, March 26, 2012

Weather or Not Install

1. WALL OF BOXES (20ft deep x 8 ft High) and taking over the Mailboxes Etc Store!
2. A not so small pick-up truck lost in the sea of cardboard
3. The ferry with all those boxes
4. Styrofoam everywhere!
5. BOXES everywhere!
6. tools, supplies, work loaded at 5AM to catch another ferry back into town
7. install…home depot run…traffic…2 boxes not delivered…repeat process Monday
8. back to the ferry
9. sleep
11. hike
12. repeat

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My NCECA anxiety

Over a year ago I was chatting with my friend John about the possibility of an NCECA show. We bounced sound proposal around, always coming back to the fact that Seattle is 3000+ miles away and putting together an exhibition at home is hard enough, but the logistics of this long distance relationship? Then came the call for proposals, and I decided to "forget" the conversations John and I had and quell the urge to write. I am now the proud proposal winner with so much anxiety that feeling like I have been punched in the stomach is pretty a common place experience. Today's interesting saga- I have to get my power tools out to Seattle. Why/how had I overlooked this little gem?

In the meantime, I read one of Simon Levin's articles, and find myself in stitches as usual. Simon, you have succeeded in adding to my angst! You won't find me in the vendor room wondering why the person I am talking to is looking over my shoulder, you will find me on the pier, probably hurling into the sound, as people ask me about poo-flinging monkey's! Catch you in Seattle :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Its Friday. Time to show process.

I have been working steadily on several projects, an NCECA collaborative exhibit called Weather or Not, which is a series of totemic structures that will be placed on pier 62 in Seattle, and a presentation on digital portfolios. I have been trying to figure out the answer to a question. Why is it that the Washington State Convention Center, located in the hot bed of tech legacy, does not have internet? I am presenting a lecture about an online platform via power-point. This will be interesting. I am however, both excited and extremely anxious about both of these projects and will be reporting from Seattle as the work unfolds.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Its Friday so... SHOW and TELL?

One of my students shared this cool stop motion piece from the grafiti artist Blu. It's pertty powerful, check it out:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School is upon us...

I always think that I will spend so much time in my studio in the summer, catch up so to speak, then I procrastinate, and find myself longing for that time back each fall. This year is no different. I have two exhibitions to worry about, and a wood firing. I am cramming to get into the studio each evening and hoping that what I produce will be both good enough and just palin enough to sustain the future demand on my work.
They say practice is what makes you an expert at anything. I try to keep that montra going and this fall I reflect on that perfect little tea-pot I saw while in Korea...practice...practice. focus...focus... the little engine that could should not have anything on me...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday page:

So I assigned a FRIDAY page as a means of my students identifying their own growth. On the last day of class for the week they are to take a photo of their work in progress, upload it to their digital portfolio, and briefly comment on the process (questions, issues, resolutions). I was greeted with that "not MORE busywork" face and a bunch of grumbling. I know why I assigned it, and I can't wait to see that BINGO look on their faces.
I was working on my own portfolio last night, filling out some of the blank building lots and I noticed that some of my students had already done the assignment. I was thrilled with what I had read. There were some real insights into process.
So what's up for my own FRIDAY page? I have some studio work to visit in a bit, I know its Saturday, then I will post something about my own process. Ever since the news about the Korean exhibition came in I am longing to be in my studio.